Special education services for every student – from anywhere.

TeleTeachers uses virtual telepractice to meet student IEP needs, with distance-learning support for K-12 special education teams. 

We're here for you during COVID-19

Special education has many barriers.

What if reaching students wasn’t one of them?

Make our online therapists and teachers part of
your special education team

TeleTeachers matches students receiving special education with fully certified, passionate Therapists and Educators to help them communicate, learn and thrive – in school or from home. 

“We will be successful when no student goes without therapy or an incredible learning experience due to distance or geography or a shortage or quality of educators.”

–Emily Smith, Founder and CEO, ASHA-certified SLP

TeleTeachers meets the full spectrum of student needs in school or from home.

Intimate or small-group sessions

Face-to-face sessions with certified teletherapists mean all students get access to personalized therapy.

Made to fit your budget

Limit unnecessary costs, like travel time and mileage, and invest that savings in your special education programs.

And grow with your team

TeleTeachers teletherapists partner with your team to reduce caseloads, share learnings, and collaborate on big ideas.

With tech that’s secure, interactive and easy to use

Our secure teletherapy solution works reliably with any computer, laptop, or tablet.

All seamlessly managed (for you)

We’ll onboard your entire team and train facilitators to help measure and achieve academic success.


At TeleTeachers, we support your special education team

Customized online therapy sessions (with certified therapists)

Comprehensive assessments

Development of personalized learning settings

Attendance at all team meetings (via video conference!)

TeleTeachers combines passion with specialized expertise.
Created by educators for schools, students and families


TeleTeachers helps you:

Put students first

Match certified therapists to your team

Develop workflows that serve families

Integrate your curriculum into therapy sessions

Case manage, develop IEPs, maintain compliance

Give your special-education team the


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“We shouldn’t be focused on where kids are sitting; we should be focused on what works best for each student. Teletherapy and the services offered by TeleTeachers provide a truly individualized approach.”

—Dr. Robert Pasternack, former assistant secretary, office of special education and rehabilitative services, U.S. Department of Education.

Curious, but still unsure about teletherapy?

Learn how to put TeleTeachers to work for your schools and students. 

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