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Mental and Behavioral Health

Finding qualified mental health providers is hard. It doesn’t have to be.

75% of students who receive mental health care, receive that care in school*

Source: Education Advisory Board (EAB), 2020.

TeleTeachers connects schools with qualified mental health providers to perform evaluations and provide support — from anywhere.

How We Can Help

The need for mental and behavioral health in schools is on the rise. At TeleTeachers, our experts provide special education evaluations and individual student counseling and support.

Bully & abuse treatment

Behavior intervention

Academic support

Student interventions and more

Clear heads,

Clear Minds.

Students who struggle with mental health need a safe space.
At TeleTeachers, we create that space while working with school-based teams to perform assessments, conduct evaluations and talk to parents.

Remote. In-person. But always personal.

TeleTeachers mental health  providers combine years of school-based and telepractice experience to meet students and counselors where they are.

“Special education evaluations have always been critical to mental health services in schools. Now, with the pandemic, students need more help than ever. In most cases, guidance counselors are not trained mental health professionals. Our experienced providers can help support your team.”

-Emily Smith, Founder and CEO, ASHA-certified SLP.

Connect your students (and team) with an experienced mental health expert today.

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