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A full suite of special education services for every student and school — from anywhere.

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‘Physical’ doesn’t have to mean in-person

Connect your students with trained PTs, wherever learning happens.

TeleTeachers PTs work with school staff to identify and remove learning barriers, foster equity, and meet IEP needs

How We Can Help

Level the playing field for your students with objective assessments   and routines you can use.

Gross motor skills

Posture training

Rhythm and coordination training

Strength and balance training

General exercise and routines

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Support for students, parents and teams.

Our experienced PTs perform evaluations, help with IEP and case management, and expertly monitor student progress, while helping students conserve energy and maintain focus for learning.

Experienced care. Delivered with purpose — to any student, anywhere.

Teleteachers PTs support school staff with objective observations, custom exercises and routines designed for use in school or at home.

“OT is all about helping students learn to help themselves. At TeleTeachers, we get to know each child and family and create a plan to help them develop the physical tools and skills to succeed in life.”

-Emily Smith, Founder and CEO, ASHA-certified SLP.

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