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A full suite of special education services for every student and school — from anywhere.

Speech Language Pathology

Finding experienced SLP providers just got easier.

TeleTeachers can hire an on-site provider or a teletherapist to meet K-12 SLP needs, with distance-learning support for special-education teams.

How We Can Help

Founded by speech-language pathologists, for SLPs, TeleTeachers can help students learn and thrive — in school, or from a distance.

Direct & indirect speech and language therapy

With therapy screenings and evaluations

And early interventions

To help students (and schools) meet their IEP goals

Experienced providers.

Delivered Anywhere.

TeleTeachers supports K-12 special education teams and helps fill service gaps. Our TeleTeachers manage cases, develop IEPs, meet with parents and even perform Medicaid billing — so, every student gets the educational support they need.

Curriculum aligned. But built for individual learners.

Every TeleTeachers SLP has in-school and virtual therapy experience. We align our lesson to your curriculum, so students can get the help they need without missing a beat.

“As a licensed SLP, I created TeleTeachers to help schools reach more students with the services they need to succeed. Good SLPs are hard to find. We scoured the country to find the best, so that you don’t have to. If you haven’t considered the benefits of telepractice, or if you’re hesitant for some reason, we’d be happy to show you how we can support your team.”

-Emily Smith, Founder and CEO, ASHA-certified SLP.

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