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We enable equal access to education for all students.

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At TeleTeachers, we provide schools with access to certified, high quality providers and teachers, so that every student can achieve their full potential. We understand that the education field is broad and complex and that students and schools have unique needs. Meeting those needs is our passion.

We exist because our Founder and CEO, Emily Smith, used to work as a speech language pathologist and process coordinator in the school setting. Emily witnessed firsthand the challenges that special education directors faced when trying to find and hire high-quality, certified therapists. While the right providers were out there, they weren’t always accessible—either because of cost or
geography, or both.

TeleTeachers was created to ensure that all students, regardless of the challenges they face, have equal access to the education services they deserve. Our providers support your team with the skills, experience, passion and most extensive professional certifications to make a positive impact in the lives of students.

TeleTeachers providers live out core values daily. This is what you can expect our team to contribute to your school community. 

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We do it remotely or on-site, and can hire the best.

Regardless if you choose to have an in-person provider, an online provider or a hybrid solution of both, the best providers are now available to your school.

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It’s high quality.

All of our providers and teachers are fully credentialed and licensed. With competitive pay, benefits, training and continued support, we have cultivated an environment that allows us to hire experienced providers and retain them for consistency with the students.

It’s a simple process.

For our remote services, all you need is a device with a camera, microphone, and a solid internet connection. Joining a session with our team is easy, and we provide all the training your team needs to succeed. With an on-site provider or teacher, we fit seamlessly into your existing team and school culture. 

It’s effective.

Some students thrive in an online environment. But not all students learn the same way, so we also offer on-site providers to ensure all students’ success.

It’s part of your school.

Whether in-person or online, or combination of both, our providers will be chosen for an exact fit into your school culture and existing team. Our partnership is not a transaction, but a relationship that can grow and flourish to bring resources into your school and help you better serve your students.

It’s aligned to your curriculum.

TeleTeachers certified providers are handpicked to work as an extension of your team. Our providers attend team meetings and use your school’s materials—lessons, readings, themes—to account for academic progress of the whole child.

It’s loved by parents.

Students can’t succeed unless parents are brought in. TeleTeachers providers develop consistent workflows to track IEPs and involve parents in their child’s academic progress.

It supports your team.

We understand the perspectives of your providers because our founder is one herself. We build relationships with your current team, so that we help manage heavy caseloads and work collaboratively, together.

At TeleTeachers, we believe in providing the right service solution for each and every student in special education.

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